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On The 11th Day of Christmas: Dolls Like Me

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: .......a doll that looks like me.  Christmas: a time for showering the little people in our lives with toys and all that their hearts desire.  This can give adults with so much joy, but it can also produce gut-wretching angst when you can't [...]

Kurt von Trapp Wore Dreadlocks

Oh, didn't you know that Kurt von Trapp wore dreadlocks? For those of you not familiar with Kurt von Trapp, he is a 10 year old boy in The Sound of Music, which was first a broadway musical in 1959 and then became a movie in 1965, starring Julie Andrews.   The von Trapps were [...]

Regret: A Real Mother For Ya

I regret not having a 3rd child.  It’s bluntly said, without any fanfare or fancy introduction sentence because that’s how I’m feeling right now.   Regret is a powerful emotion because it means that you can’t do anything about the situation, but live with it.  Well, technically I can do something about it—have a baby—but considering [...]

On The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

When I first read about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on Twitter & Facebook (where, I must admit, I get most of my breaking news), I thought that it was a joke.  As a former graduate student of African American Studies, I respect Professor Gates and laughed at the thought of him doing something that [...]

Struggling With Work/Life Balance

keyinfluencer@funkidivagirl Just hit me with the reality check that my Work/Life balance game is not tight. Time to make some changes--Yikes This was a tweet that my husband sent this morning...after the, ahem, "discussion" we had.  I imagine that we are not alone and it's a constant battle for most people, balancing work and home [...]

To the readers of and this post is for you.  I'm a sucker.   Basically I like to think the best of the human race and give people lots of grace to make mistakes and well, be human.  And I really try to do my part to make my daily interactions with people [...]

The Death of Shakir Stewart: Making Sense of it All

On November 1, 2008 a good friend, father, son, brother and life partner was lost when Shakir Stewart committed suicide.  I barely knew Shakir, but my husband had known him for many years and considered him a friend and “little brother”.  We were at home when we found out the news and my husband was [...]