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Kurt von Trapp Wore Dreadlocks

Oh, didn't you know that Kurt von Trapp wore dreadlocks? For those of you not familiar with Kurt von Trapp, he is a 10 year old boy in The Sound of Music, which was first a broadway musical in 1959 and then became a movie in 1965, starring Julie Andrews.   The von Trapps were [...]

Regret: A Real Mother For Ya

I regret not having a 3rd child.  It’s bluntly said, without any fanfare or fancy introduction sentence because that’s how I’m feeling right now.   Regret is a powerful emotion because it means that you can’t do anything about the situation, but live with it.  Well, technically I can do something about it—have a baby—but considering [...]

On The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

When I first read about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on Twitter & Facebook (where, I must admit, I get most of my breaking news), I thought that it was a joke.  As a former graduate student of African American Studies, I respect Professor Gates and laughed at the thought of him doing something that [...]

Struggling With Work/Life Balance

keyinfluencer@funkidivagirl Just hit me with the reality check that my Work/Life balance game is not tight. Time to make some changes--Yikes This was a tweet that my husband sent this morning...after the, ahem, "discussion" we had.  I imagine that we are not alone and it's a constant battle for most people, balancing work and home [...]

James Andrews: Hey! That’s My Man You’re Talking About!

To the readers of and this post is for you.  I'm a sucker.   Basically I like to think the best of the human race and give people lots of grace to make mistakes and well, be human.  And I really try to do my part to make my daily interactions with people [...]

The Death of Shakir Stewart: Making Sense of it All

On November 1, 2008 a good friend, father, son, brother and life partner was lost when Shakir Stewart committed suicide.  I barely knew Shakir, but my husband had known him for many years and considered him a friend and “little brother”.  We were at home when we found out the news and my husband was [...]