Totally Random Thoughts for December 12th

I’m back – two weeks in a row!  I’m answering a couple of Mama Kat’s writing prompts this week, 1. Something you love about December 2. A favorite Christmas ornament, and just riffing on other totally random thoughts.

So far I’m not loving December.   While I do have my Christmas shopping done, I’m just not feeling the Christmas spirit.  We finally got our Christmas tree, but this is what it looks like

christmas tree

Undecorated.  And it will remain that way until I decide to decorate it, hopefully by next week.  Notice that I didn’t say “the family will decorate” because that’s not happening.  I decorate and undecorate it alone.  I’m so over having a Christmas tree.

This weekend I will take my daughter to see Atlanta Botanical Gardens Lights Holiday Nights and to the Holiday Tea at St. Regis Hotel, so maybe that will get me into the Christmas spirit.  And I’m sure my family’s annual trip to the Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee Reynold’s Plantation property will help as well – ice skating, decorating a gingerbread house, eating cookies with Mrs. Claus and sitting in the lobby by the huge roaring fire are on the agenda.  There are 16 families going with us this year – 69 people – so we are sure to have a ball.

I do like drinking hot chocolate, something I only do in the month of December.  It’s worth my occasional indulgence of dairy.   It’s made with premium chocolate and whipped cream and mixed with this handy gadget that I bought from Williams-Sonoma.   I even add a bit of  Trader Joe’s Caramel Fleur de Sel Sauce to make it even more decadent.


hot chocolate

My tree may not be decorated, but as I do every year, I bought Christmas ornaments for everyone in my family.  This year’s Favorite Ornament is for my son, to represent his first year in college.


Speaking of my son, when I talked to him recently all he could talk about was Art Basel and what an incredible time he had hanging out at the galleries and concerts.   Yeah well, he had better be hitting the books as well because it’s time for final exams.   Good mom that I am, I made these Toffee Bars from Real Simple and packed them along with healthy snacks in a care package.


I’m done studying now that my French class is over for this session and while I wish I can say that I am more fluent, I would be lying.  In fact I am more confused than ever.  I think it’s easy to know a few phrases to get you around Paris on a week long trip, but it’s quite another thing to study French grammar with all it’s “this is the rule-except when it’s not the rule” idiosyncrasies.  I am in awe of non-native English speakers who have mastered English because learning a new language is hard.   But I will keep studying and hope that one day it will all click and I will be able to carry on a full conversation in French.   I have gotten a few levels past this


I may be struggling in French, but I’ve had a personal revelation while listening to Oprah Radio on Sirius XM.   Oprah was complaining to Stedman about something or another and said, “but I just want to be seen as nice.”  And he replied, “But you are not nice; you are kind, you are generous, but you are not nice.  Gayle is nice.”   And after some thought, she had to agree and it freed her from trying to be someone that she isn’t.   Stedman’s statement was an “ah-ha” moment because it describes me so well.  That may sound awful – who doesn’t want to be thought of as nice? – but if you substitute the word “nice” for “sweet” then I think you can relate.   Not everyone is nice (sweet).  I am fun, supportive, kind, thoughtful, generous and loyal – all great qualities to have in a friend – but I’m not nice.   I think others who know me well would agree.

That’s it for me on a totally random December 12th.  Maybe the next time I blog I will have my Christmas tree decorated and some holiday spirit.   How about you; how are you faring this December?

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  • Kat December 15, 2013, 12:51 am

    Mmmm, that hot chocolate looks very tasty! I have no doubt your special celebrations this weekend will push you into the Christmas spirit. Some years are definitely harder than others for me to embrace it too!
    Kat´s last blog post ..Christmas With My Husband