Shopping For Summer Shorts (That Don’t Show Everything)

I know many women “of a certain age” who have sworn off shorts, but I live in Georgia and it’s really hot in the summer; shorts are a necessity in my opinion.  But finding a pair that isn’t too short, yet still looks good on me is a chore.

And shorts are getting shorter every year!  AllSaints, my most favorite of brands, has a pair of truly laughable shorts out this season.  I think they might have pulled them off the shelf, because I can’t find a photo anywhere.  Picture denim underwear and you have a very good idea of what these shorts look like.  Really, who wears shorts like that?

Conversely, I don’t look good in long walking shorts either.  Or shorts that hit mid-thigh.  I look best in shorter shorts – but not too short.  Like I said, it’s a chore.

Every year I comb the stores looking for the perfect shorts.   Anthropologie is always a good place to start.  The shorts in there are are always the right length, but this season I didn’t find anything; the shorts either didn’t fit me well or they weren’t my style.  But if you’re looking for shorts, try them.

A couple of years ago I bought the perfect pair of shorts from Bloomingdale’s, made by Splendid.  They are linen and relaxed, yet can be dressed up.  I can’t find those anymore; I should have bought more colors back then.   I love those shorts!

Last year I bought a pair of white shorts from Club Monaco at the end of summer and since they fit so well, I tried Club Monaco again this year.  I didn’t find the same shorts, but these Club Monaco Marianna City Shorts are great.  I bought a pair in black.  These will be my dressy shorts and will look cute with a nice tank top or one of those silk loose tops that seem to be everywhere right now.

clubmonacomariannacityshortsphoto credit:


While buying a new pair of jeans this week, I came across these Hudson Croxley Mid-Thigh Denim Shorts.   I don’t know why they call them “mid-thigh” because they are most certainly not mid-thigh, they are short.   But I think they are a respectable length.  When I tried them on, I asked the sales woman to tell me the truth, reminding her that I was somebody’s mother; I can’t be looking like a video chick!  She assured me that I was okay and well within mom-acceptability.


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Mission accomplished (for this summer, anyway).  Now, if the Georgia temps will just rise above 70 degrees, maybe I can wear a pair of my new shorts!

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  • hangingwithangie May 9, 2013, 11:30 am

    I swear when designers make clothes they don’t think of the women 40 +. I don’t want to wear 20 year old styles. I like those jean shorts.
    hangingwithangie´s last blog post ..Mother’s Day Is Coming

    • funkidivagirl May 9, 2013, 12:01 pm

      I hear you Angie, but even a 20 year old would look suspect wearing some of the shorts out there now! A 20 year old with any kind of self-respect, that is.

  • Kenyata May 8, 2013, 6:35 pm

    Yep, It becomes a chore when you are a mom of a particular age to find mom approved yet stylish clothes…I dont know how to dress myself sometimes. lol

    • funkidivagirl May 8, 2013, 7:26 pm

      Mom of a particular age is over age 25! No one over 24 can wear these short shorts out there now – mom or not!